Ninety 90’s Songs: How Touching

Of course a song such as this would stir a minor controversy in America. I’m sure the Aussie rockers of the Divinyls were flattered by this, touched even… Okay, I couldn’t resist that one.

#85 “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls. This early 90’s track saw plenty of life, especially in its home country in downunder Australia and later on in film soundtracks. In America “I Touch Myself” gained some notoriety for its subject material. The band even had the plug pulled during one of their live performances of it in Texas.

How surprising, Texas. Like you’ve never laid your hands on anything since defending the Alamo.

Unfortunately, the Divinyls split in the mid-nineties, but not before releasing some other singles, a new album, and even some tracks for a few films. An unforgettable moment for the song is when Mike Myers performs a rather hirsute strip tease for some sexy sixties-esque cyborgs in the film “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”. Other less stellar moments for the song include random performances during various karaoke nights around the world.

The hard-rocking, brazen sexuality of the song is refreshing in retrospect, since sexuality in nineties music later became associated with over-produced pop princesses. Christina Amphlett rocked it out without shame and served as a vestige of the glamorous lady-rockers of the eighties.


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