Ninety 90’s Songs: Free Makeup Tutorial! (Sort of…)

Eurythmics (which is more proper minus the “the”) were an especially 80’s musical sensation. Synthesizers, avant-garde style, catchy tunes, they had the right stuff and used it to superior advantage. So when the duo split in 1990 and decided to go their separate solo ways, who was to know that they would have been able to adapt to a new decade and evolving tastes?

#84 “Why” by Annie Lennox. Released in 1992 from the statuesque Scottish lass’s debut album, “Why” immediately made waves and paved the way for more solo hits. The video also likely inspired a brand new generation of drag queens.


She practically gives you a free lesson in stage makeup during the first half of the music video, though the ease with which she seems to apply everything could potentially lead a novice to looking like a clown. In fact, one may be tricked by her androgynous appearance to believe that we are, in fact, watching a drag performance.  It’s either a stage performer’s ultimate dream or worst nightmare to see this cross between Sally Bowles from Cabaret mixed with what must be Scottish Kabuki Theatre.

All jokes aside, the stunning Annie Lennox made a fantastic solo debut with this one, out selling any Eurythmics album, and she even garnered an  MTV Music Award, though MTV’s rather dubious reputation nowadays may confuse those who never knew that MTV used to be somewhat relevant to pop culture.

And that they actually used to play music videos. Like I do.


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