Ninety 90’s Songs: She’s A Stylish Bag Lady…

No, this is not commentary about homeless people in America. It’s a statement that gypsy women will never be without their makeup or hair styling equipment, even if they are homeless. And the most important part is… la da dee, la dee da… (Cue frenetic dancing).

#83 “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” by Crystal Waters.  Oh, house music, you never cease to spew forth catchy earworms that sometimes make so little sense that one listens repetitively hoping to glean a greater understanding. Not that I have done that.  Not at all. Crystal Waters (I’m hoping that is a stage name, though I have met in real life a woman named Shandy Lear. She was my cashier), actually wrote this song for house/dance diva Ultra Nate. Fate and producers deemed that Waters’ version was just too good to pass on to another artist.

This song carries the trademark house music qualities of heavy bass, a constant synthesized organ riff, and a clinically infectious rhythm that causes spontaneous movement. Just look at the guys dancing in the video. Or spasming. They can’t help it. Someone put on the “Gypsy Woman” track and they very nearly wriggled their bones out of their bodies.

The video is a strange bird to be sure. Unlike most other house music and dance music videos of the day, “Gypsy Woman” attempts to depict figments of the lyrics quite literally, but mixed in with standard tropes of the trade such as clips of choreography and angular shots of the singer in a gender-bending business suit. Apparently, this genre is serious business. Despite the seriousness, the juxtaposition of elements in the video almost parodies itself, and an actual parody appeared on “In Living Color”, the famous sketch comedy show of the 90’s that birthed several prominent contemporary comedians.

I’ve decided to post two videos once again to include the parody video. Considering that  the comedy version has been mixed with the original in clubs before, I’m certainly not breaking precedent.  Watch both, and you’ll have a yabba dabba doo good time.


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