Ninety 90’s Songs: Wed In Something In Red, Like A Bed, Ted.

Among other musical trends in the early 90’s, country music exploded on to the scene with more genre crossing hits than ever before. Much like other genres until the melting pot time of the 90’s, country music was an outsider. It is commonplace now for a country music artist to have a track or two on the Top 40 charts, and even reality television puts aspiring southern starlets on equal footing with Baby Gagas and Mini Mariahs, but this has not always been the case.

#79 “Something In Red” by Lorrie Morgan.  This platinum hit was one of the notable singles of the genre for it’s venture into the non-traditional blend of country with pop. Perhaps this effort did the single credit at the time, but it didn’t age all that well. While popular, this song did little to blaze new trails like her contemporaries Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood did.

Country music is generally described as the singer’s description of the downside of life. Broken-down tractors, sick dogs, empty bottles of beer. If you were to reverse the circumstances of the song, it would be the happiest thing ever. “Something In Red” twists this format by mimicking Doctor Seuss. The way Lorrie Morgan shifts from color to color in her pining lyrics, it sounds like she is reading nursery rhymes from the pages of Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. Or Sears.

The video isn’t much better. She looks like Roxette on the set of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. She spends the whole time rolling around in bed, rifling through her closet, and getting dressed. Apparently female country singers are often distressed about what to wear in the morning. Had she found an outfit more quickly, maybe Lorrie Morgan would have kept up a bit better with country music’s rise in popularity.


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