Ninety 90’s Songs: Mister Who?

So Eurodance-electropop is a thing now in the United States. Back in the 90’s Americans had to import this stuff along with Italian clothing and French brie. Now almost every American artist, whether they be R&B, Rap, or Pop are taking a long dip in the sea of synthetic sounds, and a lot of them come back out drenched in auto-tune, hoping that you don’t notice the vanity of such an act. Vanity is in no short supply, as noted by a certain 90’s track.

#75 “Mr. Vain” by Culture Beat. While making some impact in the US, it was quite the smash in the Old World, hitting number one in several countries. Even Canada jumped in with their friends across the pond. Of course, Europe was inundated with both a supply and a demand for this sound.

Synth arpeggios, ceaseless percussion, female melodic vocals contesting with a male rap break were the the hallmarks of the genre. “Mr. Vain” is a fairly by the numbers track, and once it stacks on the layers of music at the beginning it does very little dynamically. It’s main feature is the singers.

Both the lyrics and the video depict the lead singer mocking her rapper counterpart’s douchiness, and he just keeps on after her, face flakes and all. You have to admire his confidence, no matter how bloated, because even with a bad case of  eczema he still chases the ladies. You have to wonder how many nights in the 90’s women spent living out the lyrics of this song at the clubs.

“Oh jeez, not “Mr. Vain” again. Here comes that skeezy guy, too. What’s wrong with his face!?”

If current some current musicians were to look at themselves in the mirror, what would they see? A copycat or a true artist? Vanity or confidence? Dermatitis?


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