Ninety 90’s Songs: Please Un-Inform Me

Oh, Canada. As majestic as you may be, like the glittering crown atop the New World’s head, there are some mightily confusing things about you. You are English and loyal to the crown, yet some of you speak French. Your idea of bacon confuses the rest of the world. And when you produce music, it sounds Jamaican.

#74 “Informer” by Snow. From the album “12 Inches of Snow” (which means he’s either very lucky or does a lot of cocaine), this song delivered reggae to the multitude of WASPs in the world. Snow had finally brought to every home what people only expected to hear during a Caribbean cruise.

Snow, so aptly named for his ethnic Irish-Canadian heritage, based this song on what he called a bar fight. A bar fight during which he attempted to murder people. Well isn’t that just pleasant. I’m pretty sure all of the half-baked reggae artists of the West Indies are way too laid back to sing of such stressful things, but the song won an award for best reggae song anyway.

Once you see the video and his rather blanched visage, you will also realize that he has more eye wear than a Sunglass Hut. And what’s with that pair of readers he wears during the “indoor” shots? I feel like Clark Kent is rapping and gesticulating at me. He’s rather non-threatening, despite his record, until the end of the video when he looks at his cell mate with come hither eyes.

Watch out! He’ll lick your boom boom!


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