Ninety 90’s Songs: Then What Can Phil Collins Do?

There was a funky song released in the early 90’s that used to make me sad. There was this awkward sounding man singing about not being able walk or dance or sing (which I definitely agreed with). Hearing this on the radio, but not seeing the video because I didn’t have the attention span to pay attention to such things, I imagined some invalid in a wheelchair using a specially rigged microphone to help him record the song.

#71 “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis. Had I known the relevance of Phil Collins and the big deal that is Genesis, I would have had more favorable opinions as a child. This song was a single from the bands fourteenth, yes, fourteenth studio album. The track fared quite well on the charts in both the US and UK, and was even nominated for a Grammy. Silly young me.

What’s also incredible about “I Can’t Dance” is its departure from Genesis’ normal style. Instead of a grandiose, complex composition, we got a stripped down, quirky tune that insists on being catchy. Unlike so many other musical groups, even after fourteen albums, and Phil Collins’ solo ventures, they still managed to push their limits and have fun with music.

The video is an intended parody of early 90’s commercials. Among poking fun at the flashy beach locales, red-lipped vixens who date iguanas, a no pants night at a dive bar, there are interludes with oddly uncoordinated “walking”, the eponymous dance to the song. Even the very end of the video references Michael Jackson’s videos, and proves after all that Phil Collins can dance.

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