Ninety 90’s Songs: Sheryl Crow Tells It To You Straight

Imagine if some of the 90’s top female musicians were in the same room. Of course Madonna would be their shooting dour glares and trying to convince everyone that she’s relevant. Mariah Carey would be showing off by conversing in octaves only audible to canines. Alanis Morissette would be hanging around too, but she’d probably be spaced out on jagged little pills. Then there would be Sheryl Crow, sipping beer right from the bottle and offering to pass around a “cigarette” (It’s cool, she promises). She’d be the life of the party, because she’d make it a party.

#59 “All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crow.  This hit from the 93-94 era debut album “Tuesday Night Music Club” put Sheryl on the map. Her easy-going, laid back style is her trademark that propelled her musical career into all directions and many genres. If you don’t like country, honky tonk, blues, jazz, then you will after hearing this song. It’s infectious to the point that you’ll need to be vaccinated against day drinking because you’ll want that early morning beer buzz whenever you see a bar, and empty floor space will become potential arenas for beer bottle spinning.

And you won’t bat an eyelash at all.

Seriously, it’s Crow’s smooth delivery that suggests that all these things are okay, and that she’s not an enabler, she just wants you to stay cool.

But seriously, over the years Sheryl Crow has proved to be a consistently top-notch musician. For the rest of the nineties she put out hot single after hot single until she herself wasn’t a hot single anymore and started shacking up with Lance Armstrong. She eventually ditched him and moved on to other heroic things like battling breast cancer.

And winning.

This ain’t no Charlie Sheen winning. This ain’t no joke either. This is winning for real. She, thankfully, fought back from her cancer and still makes music to this day among other things, like television, and activism, and being all kinds of MILFy. Forever more when you hear those opening chords and that groovy guitar riff, it doesn’t matter where you are, even if you actually are at a disco in downtown L.A., you’re in Sheryl Crow’s house and you’re going to have some fun.


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