Re-watch Reviews: Sex and the City is almost grown up


That’s right. Your favorite show about confident, independent, sexually mature (and knowledgeable!) women who often complain about confidence, independence, and sex is almost an adult. Back in ’98, this show dazzled a generation with its frank views on sex, its candid exploration of relationships, and set a template for how many young women expect those things to be like.

For six seasons on HBO we watched Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones grow into women from the cardboard stereotypes they started as. Then we saw all that progress tumble like Carrie Bradshaw in heels on a runway with two films that successfully stripped away their depth.

Don’t forget the heavily edited Frankenstein monster that the tv networks show in syndication, or the young Carrie spinoff “The Carrie Diaries” clearly aimed at the daughters of women who originally watched the show.

And through all this, I can’t help but wonder… (you know I couldn’t resist)

Why did this show matter to us? Does it still?

And let me clarify “us”. I’m a guy. I started watching this with my father in high school. My mother thought it was porn. My dad liked it for the boobs and a chance to understand women. I liked the storylines, the laughs, and the (at the time) exotic glamour of the big city. So obviously we weren’t the target audience, yet we were drawn in.

Years later I still watch episodes. You’d think I’d have them memorized but I find the tightly written episodes and relevant themes to be a joy. And there is the humor. The bitchiness. And gorgeous New York men as a certain southern belle Samantha befriended pointed out.

Samatha’s boobs make a showing as well. In fact, they could have had their own spin-off.

After all those superficial things it provided everyone with a modern view on what sex means to (some) women, and what relationships mean to us all. Furthermore, like tv should do, it brought people into our home who’s fantastical lives could excite us, yet still serve as a mirror for ourselves.

This show doesn’t teach you a damn thing unless you wanted to learn about Kegel exercises, but you can learn about yourself and other people from the journeys, mistakes, and hookups of these women.

If you happen upon this and want to retrek old times in your favorite pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, then stay tuned for an episode by episode recounting of these tall-heeled tales and we can see what still makes your cup runneth over, or what is out of style today. 



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