Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Models and Mortals

Sex and the City kind of had this monster-of-the-week kind of thing going on the first several episodes. Kind of like X-Files (seX-Files) where a different phenomenon was explored each week.

This actually is a problem. The series at this point replaces any actual plot with these topics. It’s more like a dramatized magazine article rather than real TV. But I suppose each episode is supposed to be one of Carrie’s articles…

So we start this episode with a charming dinner party starring Miranda and some creep. A creep who apparently has a thing for models, and, somehow, actually gets them to date him. It was beneath Miranda to accept the date with a guy, so how did he ever snag a model?

I guess we non-city types are supposed to believe that in far, far away New York “modelizers” are a real thing that plagues normal women. It does give us a chance, however, to discover more about the girls via their insecurities.

And then we meet a cute guy named Barkley who could definitely snag a model. He spends time spilling paint to make ugly art whenever he isn’t making homemade pornography starring his model conquests.


After another draining scene with the entirely too chipper Skipper, we see Stanford, who is totally crushing on a client who walks around in his undies. We then are shown a blur of models showing off “clothing” while Samantha scores a hook up.


Carrie waxes poetic about her insecurities, which is made worse by running into Mr. Big while her mouth is stuffed with finger foods. Just when you think Big might like to explore that capacity, he introduces his date, a model.

All is made better when she spends her evening with Stanford’s client. She somehow shows saint-like restraint and only talks with him all night.  Meanwhile, Miranda runs into Skipper. He calls her luminous while in line to buy Cap’n Crunch. There are so many reasons aside from cheesiness to say no, but Miranda gives in again. Oh, please. The sappy 90’s music makes you pity her all the more.

After a brief jealousy-inducing phone call with Stanford pertaining to his client’s whereabouts, we see Carrie tapping away on a laptop older than Jesus. Mr. Big drops by to engage in a bit of flirting. It’s quite obvious where that will lead…

This episode continues a rather rough trend of plotless happenings that dominates the first season. Instead the focus is on something supposedly shocking, but the journalistic approach just draws me away from the ladies. Watching it now, I basically feel like shrugging “so what” about the whole modelizer thing. It’s too tacky to be controversial.

On to the next freak of the week.


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