Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Bay of Married Pigs

Despite its early plotlessness, Sex and the City explores resonant themes. In the case of this episode: singleness versus marriedness. 

We begin with Carrie spending an idyllic weekend in the Hamptons with a married couple alliterately named Peter and Patience. As Carrie puts it, the price for her visit is to “sing for her supper” in the form of spewing forth details about her sexual escapades.

It’s a sad fact couples do this, but when you are out getting some “strange” every few weeks, they kind of get nosy.

We also learn that Peter is rather blessed when he brandishes his namesake in front of Carrie, and Patience is rather lacking in her namesake when she finds out. Carrie is promptly kicked out so the couple can hash things out.


It’s this event that exposes the ladies’ opinions, all negative except for ever optimist Charlotte, about married people. They have a point. When you are single, couples tend to keep you at arms length, and it sucks. Even the 4th-wall-breaking interviews express these very real frustrations, like losing good friends to the relationship monster.

And so begins a series of happenings that may or may not have happened to you:

·A gay couple asks Carrie for her baby-making facilities.
·Miranda is mistaken for a lesbian by work colleagues, but is this really surprising? Her hairstylist is stuck in 1995. And seriously, why is she always dressed in red? Okay, we get it, she’s ginger, but come on!
·Back to Carrie, she is set up with the new monster of the week: the marrying guy.


And so begins the semblance of a plot. Carrie “tries on” the marrying guy, who apparently doesn’t know he’s the topic of Carrie’s article this week, and she winds up bringing her friends to a party full of couples.

Samantha is instantly out of her element, and Charlotte is instantly jealous because Carrie has snagged her perfect type.

This party turns out to be a gallery of frightening things, like the marrying guy’s tour where he shows off his baby plans, jealous wives who snatch their husbands away from Samantha like she’s contagious, and a whole host of married men Samantha slept with.

Her only recourse is to get drunk, understandably, and on her way out she meets Peter the Peppermill Penis from earlier.

On the other side of town, Miranda outs herself as straight despite bringing a lady date and lets down her boss. She even sips from the cup of Sapphic love by kissing her date, confirming her lack of lesbianism (Ironcially, the actress later has a lesbian relationship in real life).

And just when you thought things were getting boring, Samantha performs a street side lingerie seduction on Charlotte’s doorman. He’s ever polite, even getting the door when she catches him leaving after servicing Samantha’s revolving door.


At the end of the episode, Carrie finally confesses her manipulations to the marrying guy who is justifiably frustrated, because Carrie does all kinds of shitty stuff in this show. She tries to make up for it by fixing him up with Charlotte, the marrying girl.

She breaks up with him over differing tastes in China because she’s a petulant twit.

Overall, this episode is a vast improvement. While the plot is still murky, it’s the exploration of a strong theme that really drives the episode.

Things still return to the status quo in the end, making you think you’re watching Singles and the City, because the most sex we got was Samantha’s cloak and garter dance, but I guess they meter out the sex so it doesn’t seems too much like Sluts and the City.


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