Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Valley of Twenty-Something Guys

So Mr. Big is back in this one, except he’s watching foreskin get cut off at a bris instead of cleaning up Carrie’s condoms. Charlotte’s dating someone. And the girls are out on the town, and Miranda is letting Skipper (ugh) tag along.

Carrie winds up getting ditched which leaves her without a guy. But good news, Samantha, who also came manless, has just snagged two and gives Carrie her spare.


They are a couple guys in their 20s. Carrie describes their attributes like she’s shopping for a horse. Maybe she’s hoping he’s hung like one.

While she’s giving the kid (played by Timothy Olyphant) an oral examination, Big shows up with just enough time to ditch her again because he books his ditchings too closely together.

The next day Carrie and Samantha trade stories about their nights babysitting. Apparently Samantha slept with the guy using every combination of prepositions and sex positions.

The episode’s obligatory montage of interviews rolls.
I mean these get old really fast.

Once again Carrie treats her friend like shit and ditches Miranda on the street so she can go shop and make out with her boyfriend before going out with a date that night with Big. Miranda kind of deserves it because she stole her suit from Spandau Ballet. The costume designer really dresses Miranda terribly.

The girls then assemble faster than The Avengers in a taxi to help Charlotte with a situation that has “reared” its head. Her new beau wants to tag her rectum and she’s not sure what to do.

Miranda makes it all about power, Carrie uses it as an excuse to smoke, and Samantha gushes enthusiasm. My favorite line is Charlotte’s rebuttal “But I went to Smith!” I guess anal loving is not on their curriculum.


Carrie finally arrives at her date with Big with butt fresh on her mind and Big has let his ass of a friend tag along. How fitting. Carrie ditches the boys to go see her boy toy. So much ditching going on.

Charlotte has a mental break down about up the butt stuff because she’s already got too many other things shoved up there. Samantha also vows never to do another twenty-something when he jokes about her wrinkles. We will see how long that lasts…

The next morning Carrie wakes up in the boy toy’s trashy apartment. The night of sex did not do much to make the place look better by the light of day. Their bathroom looks like it was stolen from a gas station.
On her way home from during her walk of shame, she runs into Big once again. She plays hard to get like a pro and tells him to call her. Besides, she probably smells like twenty-something apartment funk and sex and needs to get home and sanitize.

Overall, the episode is an improvement. There’s a bit more plot, though Charlotte’s story is just there for an excuse to talk about anal sex. There is still freak of the week theme going on, but it does help the developing arc of Big and Carrie, and you finally gain the sense that the show is going somewhere. Samantha is trying to screw her way to happiness, Charlotte is worried butt sex will ruin her chances of getting married, and Miranda finds new ways to dress like she has no style.


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