Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Secret Sex

Carrie on a photo shoot?

Oh yeah, she’s hit the big time, and the emerging author is getting branded on the side of a bus. And she gets to keep the dress.

A naked dress, Charlotte says.

And Carrie is wearing it on her first official date with Big. As Charlotte prattles on about the rules, Miranda more liberally warns against first date shenanigans, and Samantha advocates doing what you like, when you like it because it could all end at any time.

So we see Carrie try on a bit of Samantha, and she sleeps with Big. She immediately begins to ponder the ramifications when Big suggests Sichuan at a greasy Chinese restaurant. She sees a long time friend there on a date, but he strangely refuses to introduce his mystery girl. What’s going on?

Something is something going on with Miranda.  She snags a date after assaulting him in kickboxing class. Go girl.

Carrie later gets the deets on her friend and his new girl. They met after a breakup, but he’s keeping her on the down low because he doesn’t think she’s all that hot. Despite his comfort with her, and the amazing sex, he’s ashamed of her mediocrity. What a douche.

So is secret sex a thing? Is it okay to be ashamed?

No, says Samantha. Not about sex, and certainly not about Carrie’s sexy photo on the side of a bus. She decides they should have a party. She also decides that they should confront Charlotte and her rigid rules with her own secret encounter.

The proud Protestant princess had a fling with a seductive Jewish artist. Ooh, so scandalous.

Later on Big calls, and to Carrie’s relief he suggests another date. Her relief is shattered when Big awkwardly fails to introduce her to a friend of his on the street. Was Big ashamed of her? They returned to the Chinese restaurant, the seedy dive full of ashamed discretion.

Relief = gone.

Miranda, having spent the night with her date, becomes a creeper and rummages through his things. Really, Miranda? You’re a lawyer. This guy enjoying a bit of spanking pornography isn’t a big deal compared to violating someone’s privacy.


The street party is a bust. Big doesn’t come. Carrie’s friend gets what he deserves when he reveals his secret gal dumped him. And Carrie’s bus arrives with a graffiti penis drawn next to her face.


This is when the girls go crazy.

Miranda scares off her date by joking about his fetish. Good one. Really. Sigh…


Then Carrie gets tipsy and confronts Big about his attempts to keep her a secret. Big explains away all of Carrie’s doubts. So maybe things are good between them after all. Maybe they aren’t just people who have sex, but people who have something more serious between them.

Whether or not Mr. Big is being genuine, this episode is genuinely an example of the show getting on track. Sure there are some misfires, but overall the plot of the series advances, and the girls confront things in their sex lives that draw us into their struggles.


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