Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Monogamists

Due to spending so much time with her new beau, Big, Carrie’s been neglecting her friends. They make her answer for it, and it’s about time since she’s done lots of shitty shit to them. They recap their lives for her, but aside from Samantha wanting to move only Charlotte has any exciting news.

What a change!

She’s been seeing a new guy, and even the girls think he’s perfect, but then Charlotte does what she does best and makes a big deal out of something. In this case it’s good ol’ oral sex she doesn’t like.

And then come the opinions:
·Miranda is happy to have baby proof sex. She’d better stick to that…
·Carrie admits the potential hotness of the act.
·Samantha, who looked at Charlotte like she was from Mars because of her complaints, loves the sense of power she gets. Of course…

Then comes something really jaw-dropping: Big is having dinner with another chick. Uh oh… Big doesn’t think they’re exclusive.


“Prick!” Samantha exclaims. Damn right.

Has monogamy become too much to expect? There’s our article for the episode. And the interviews return.

Samantha isn’t monogamous when it comes to her apartment hunting, because while one realtor is home hunting, another is one Samantha is banging.

Stanford Blatch finally returns and issues the edict that monogamy is on the outs, while he and Carrie sip cosmos. During this some guy in his 20s comes up to hit on Carrie. He just wrote a book, probably a guide to being a douche, because he departs with a sleazy “ciao” after inviting her to his party.  Ugh.


While sharing each other’s pain over dinner, Carrie and Miranda run into Skipper with a new girlfriend. Miranda is instantly jealous. So she calls him while he’s screwing the new girl. She asks him out, he accepts, and he breaks up with new girl while he is still inserted in her lady parts. Total sociopath.

Several other things happen but I’m going to be brief and just list them because the episode’s lack of focus really makes it all quite unexciting.

Carrie leaves Big at his party with the pedo-mustachioed host because of Big’s need to date other girls. Skipper gets pissy because Miranda won’t go steady with him. Charlotte leaves her boyfriend because he just wants a mouth to put things in. And Samantha is caught screwing one realtor by her other, who is showing a new listing to someone else. Kettle, meet pot.

Because Carrie stormed off and wound up stuck at the sleazy author’s party, she needs Big to come get her, if he truly cares for her, that is. He does care, if just a little, and after arguing about Carrie’s bad directions, they have a moment together, and maybe things are alright between them.

I appreciate the attempt at making this episode about the girls, but it’s just so damn boring overall. Things happen, but… it’s just boring. Even the whole oral sex thing was barely shocking enough to warrant any attention. Things do get better, much better, but this episode is one hell of a mid-season hump to get past.


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