Sex and the City Re-Watch Recap: The Power of Female Sex

After hearing Samantha complain about her lack of power when confronted by other women of power, namely a tragically be-hatted hostess at a hip new restaurant who wouldn’t seat them at lunch, we see Carrie’s credit card get butchered when she attempts to purchase over-priced shoes.

That’s when Amalita sweeps in to the rescue with her man toy of the moment’s credit card. She laments the man’s miniscule package, but insists that Carrie meets his friends because apparently the only way for women to get ahead is to give head, even if the recipient is poorly endowed.

Eurotrash, Carrie calls her, and she’s right.

She’s also the week’s topic: the woman who uses her feminine ways to manipulate men.

We get a sense that Carrie has money problems because she’s using a poker night with the girls to scam her friends out of money. Samantha is still hung up on the female power issue; she sees nothing wrong with trading sex for power because for her that is mixing business with pleasure.

Miranda folds her hand and her opinions on the matter because she’s waiting for Skipper, which means she gave up any power she had on her sex life.

And Charlotte, who we learn actually has a job working at an art gallery, is excited about an upcoming trip to see a reclusive artist’s private collection, but she questions his intentions.

Later, Carrie winds up with Amalita who is pimping her out to a visiting French architect. He wines and dines and literally charms the pants off of Carrie. He feels sorry for her money troubles and wants her to “show him her town”.


Dirty French euphemisms.

The next morning Skipper comes by and awkwardly talks to Carrie about his sexual fixation on her best friend. The sociopath even confesses that his favorite fragrance of the moment is “eaux de sex with Miranda”.  Freak.

We are treated or subjected to a French film-ish montage of Carrie’s date with Mr. France. After their allegedly romantic affair, Carrie invites the girls minus Charlotte to the hotel. Upon leaving, French guy left Carrie a thousand bucks in cash. They debate the female morality of accepting the cash all while dining on room service on the architect’s dime. I wonder if their breakfast tasted a bit irony.


Meanwhile, Charlotte meets the reclusive painter and is scandalized by his private collection of privates. Namely his pussy paintings. Despite her disdain of the c-word even she can’t resist the prestige of a famous artist painting her crotch (not the c-word she disdains), with the artist’s creepy wife cheering her on.

While Carrie and Samantha make attempt number two to dine at the trendy restaurant where Carrie was whored out, she runs into her Madame, Amalita. However, Carrie sacrifices getting a ticket to dine and a ticket to Venice because she doesn’t want to ditch her friend Samantha.


And I thought Carrie was all about ditching her friends.

Her karma is repaid when she lends a tampon to the bitchy hostess, who promptly seats them and we finish the episode with the girls playing “guess which one’s my crotch” at Charlotte’s gallery of private parts paintings.

This episode thankfully expands on our ladies’ lives a bit more, but the episode’s plot is still too conceptually focused. The whole bit about Miranda and Skipper is needlessly crammed in, as if the writers are begging us to accept him as a main cast member. What about the bitchy gay guy, Stanford, from a couple episodes back?


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