Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Three’s A Crowd

Interesting title. Wonder what’s gonna happen in this one…

Aww… Charlotte is in love. He was everything she dreamed of, Jack wants to know her dirty fantasies. Not really. He just wants to coerce her into a three some.

So what do the girls think of this episode’s issue?

Carrie gives little input because she is busy taking notes for her column. Miranda sees right through the charade, exposing Jack’s desire to see his girlfriend be a temporary lesbian. Samantha, unsurprisingly, is all for it, especially if one is the guest star. Charlotte isn’t so she will just have to find a sexy stranger, and definitely not one of her friends she finds when she asks them. Except Miranda. Poor gal.

While Carrie ponders the magic number three, Samantha plays number three, as in she’s screwing a married man. No good will come from this no matter how hot the coming may be.

That night Charlotte gets hit on by another woman, and Jack butters her up because he can’t wait to sleep with someone besides his girlfriend and get away with it. Charlotte isn’t sure, but her unconscious is because she dreams of menage á trios.

Miranda has a session with her shrink because she also dreamed of threesomes. Or not being invited to them. Her confidence is shot.


Another interview segment rolls, and this one is quite funny, portraying some acted out threesome personals.

Carrie and Big are enjoying life as a twosome, until Big mentions his ex-wife and he having a threesome of their own. And now there are three. And because her friends are obsessed with that number lately, they tell her to check out the ex. Come on ladies…

Carrie sets up a meeting with Big’s ex because she’s a publisher, and Carrie is a writer. How convenient. Shockingly, this former wild woman is not only altruistic, but she publishes children’s books.

Off of her game plan, Carrie pitches a story ideas right out of her ass involving lil’ Cathy and her magic cigarettes. It’s one of my favorite scenes of the season. But, frustratingly, Big ‘s ex eats it up. If only she weren’t the ex.

Samantha, who had been enjoying being number three but never in a threesome with the married guy, winds up there anyway when she bumps into the happy couple on the street. Awkward.

Miranda takes another shot at the therapist. She’s still feeling sexually rejected, and even her therapist rejects her. Carrie has an imaginary threesome because now that she’s met the ex, she can’t stop thinking about her and Big’s former relationship.

Just when she had enough, the ex invites her to lunch to discuss the project. After some wine, maybe too much, Carrie learns why she and Big split up: he cheated.

Samantha enters the future and has a threesome with the married man and his wife except instead of trying to get off, she’s trying to get off the hook and get the couple back together.

That night, or meanwhile, or whenever, Jack and Charlotte are cruising at a masquerade ball. Charlotte finally makes a move at her boyfriend’s behest, but it all goes sour when the guest star monopolizes Jack and Charlotte gets squeezed out. What a couple of sluts.

In order to banish her sexual rejection, Miranda answers a threesome ad. The couple is astonished at Miranda’s non-ugliness, and that’s enough for her.

Carrie needs to banish someone too. Big ‘s ex. Apparently Big and his ex-wife still chat and he knows all about what Carrie knows, and fesses up to his infidelity. After facing yet another challenge, they stick it out, and they things are alright between them again.

Plot! Finally and it’s interwoven with the theme of threesomes and how well you know your sexual partners and all that jazz. This episode marks the show’s potential to put out writing that involves all the girls in a slick and meaningful way. We finally get to experience this cast as an ensemble rather that flat character types that just fill vague roles.


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