Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Baby Shower

The baby shower.

Being a guy myself I rarely have to worry about these things. I can’t bear children. I completely understand why women dread these things.

Our girls here are no different. Miranda can’t stand the thought. That girl had better be careful…

This particular shower is hosted by a former rival of Samantha’s named Laney, back when Miranda’s hair was cut into a terrible bob. Laney was quite the party girl and she loved showing her boobs.


So off to Connecticut the ladies go, and Charlotte is the only one excited because she wants to join the motherhood cult. Samantha just wants to see how fat Laney got. Carrie wants to see her period which is tardy.

My favorite part is when they show off their gifts. Carrie forgot, but she did get her cigarettes. Samantha got scotch. At a girl. Miranda got condoms. Seriously. I think I fell in love with them this episode.  And Charlotte actually got something appropriate. Loser.

The “can anybody drive?” line when they get their rental car is a funny gag. As is Charlotte calling a dog over causing it to be shocked by invisible fencing, because suburbia can be cruel.


Laney, looking totally unfat, introduces her crazy mom friends. Samantha boastfully makes a drink. I’d need one too. I mean two. Those women at this shower are all crazy. Carrie gets a little crazy since her late period means she could join this posse.

This episode’s interview montage just shows off how disturbed these bitches be. They’re desperate, horny, closeted, and high because motherhood has made them insane.

Charlotte is insane too. She wants to be. But not when she discovers Laney stole Charlotte’s baby name.

“You bitch!” Samantha exclaims. She’s full of awesome lines.

Later the girls have some beers at a dive. Carrie mentions her late period fearing she will join the cult. They keep Charlotte in the dark about it.

Just a side note, this episode gives you some stark glimpses into the lives of these women, as well as foreshadowing future plotlines. For example: Miranda’s utter disdain for children, or the images in Charlotte’s wish box that she wants to become real in her future like her dream man or dream home.

And then there’s a shot of Miranda’s backpack purse. So 90’s in a bad way.

After hearing from Laney, Carrie heads to a special non baby shower hosted by the fabulous Samantha. It looks fun. So does Miranda hooking up with an accountant. Then Laney shows up.

Even Charlotte finds a guy.

Laney feels out of the spotlight, so she attempts to show her pregnant woman boobs to everyone. Then she calms down. Thank god. Only the creeper in the back who wanted to see them is disappointed.

Carrie reflects on these events watching children play, psyching herself up to have children. That is until Aunt Flow joins her on the way home. Bummer.(?)

Definitely one of this season’s better episodes. The plot, theme, and characters tie together quite well. The humor is punchy and smart, and overall this episode exhibits the qualities that hallmark later moments in the series. Oddly, if you watch this after having seen the rest of the show, there are several elements that are recycled into later storylines. Not bad thing. Not really, but it does give the impression that the first season in more of a trial run in some ways rather than a foundation.


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