Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Drought

So Carrie and Big are in relationship bliss, which means they have sex after having ice cream, and in Big ‘s place no less. They have been getting ever so comfy, so much so that Carrie farts in his presence.

Mortification city.


She overcomes her shame only for Big to prank her with a whoopee cushion. Ass. I’m not talking about hers.

Not much longer after that, he isn’t up for post-dessert sex.

Miranda on the other hand hasn’t had post-dessert anything for three months. Carrie tries to victimize herself, even though Miranda is obviously more tragic. Once again, she’s such a shitty friend this season.

So Carrie has been down for the count three nights, Miranda for three months, which leads to the episode’s/article’s theme: how often is normal?

We are treated to yet another interview montage. If you like these things, then treasure them while you can, and some of them are great, but I have some issues with them that I will discuss later. I don’t hate them, though. Just… Moving on.

Carrie then uses her yoga time with Samantha to vent her excess sexual energy. Samantha doesn’t always give the best advice, but she is busy cruising her yoga instructor so maybe she’s a bit distracted. Samantha did admit to losing a guy because she missed a bikini wax, which, like some other one liners in previous episodes becomes it’s own plot point later on in the series.

Later, over coffee, Samantha opens herself up almost literally, only to find her yoga teacher is celibate. He even teases her with his previous sexual prowess. He attempts to recruit Samantha into this self-deprivation. Misery loves company…

Now it is Charlotte’s turn to become Carrie’s personal sounding board. It’s here that we meet Charlotte’s new boyfriend, who is an ex of Carrie’s. He’s apparently a sex hound. Charlotte takes his patience while she holds out as a compliment. So sweet… and such a turn on for Charlotte. Turns out he’s not really feeling up for things.

It’s not Charlotte’s fault. It’s Prozac’s. That’s when he pulls out an ancient VHS box from Blockbuster. I bet it isn’t porn.

While Carrie it’s trying to dodge her libido, sex invades her apartment by way of neighbours across the air shaft doing the deed. Now wanting a shaft of her own Carrie immediately calls Big.

While Carrie is in transit, Samantha encounters a shaft as well. She’s spending some private time with her yogi’s privates. It’s look but don’t touch in this case, to Samantha’s dismay.

Carrie winds up shaftless as well. Big is too busy watching two sweaty men fight each other that he can’t get all sweaty with a woman. Carrie slams him with an emotional right hook of her own and flees the scene.

While Samantha attempts to ignore her sexual tension, Miranda has successfully ignored her own until a construction worker harasses her while she returns an ancient VHS of her own. Distraction failed…

Carrie, also trying her hand at the “idle hands are the Devil’s playground” adage, interrupts her house painting to admit Miranda to her domain of sexual frustration. Once again, misery lives company.

While venting they catch the couple across the way doing having steamy sex. Pornography loves company lik misery does, because almost instantly the other girls are over to watch.

Porn is always a fun group activity, apparently, especially when you’re deprived.


Miranda journeys to get yet another movie when the same worker calls after her again. She confronts him this time, admitting her own needs for sex. The ballsy man backs down. Maybe Miranda can get off on that.

Samantha con fronts her own agitator, albeit passive aggressively. In the middle of yoga class, she loudly propositions another man right in from of her teacher. His loss.

After pulling her man’s taffy for ever and ever, Charlotte realizes even someone as proper as her needs sex. She calls it quits with Mr. Prozac.

Back at Carrie’s place, Big arrives to see if she’s still alive. It’s his first time visiting and everything is a mess. Insecure Carrie is afraid he will see her normality and that it won’t be enough for Big. Weell he love her if she isn’t perfect?

Once again it’s her perfect view of neighbours screwing that sets off Carrie and Big with some fun of their own. Finally. Hopefully she took some Beano.

As the series winds down we are seeing more sex based plots mixed with story. The show had identity issues this season, and while some of the episodes have been less than stellar, others have been great when they get the mix of elements right. This one falls directly in the middle. Not quite dramatic, nor quite funny, and barely shocking when it comes to the sex.

However, we’ve all had sexual droughts of our own, so this is easily an episode wheet we can identify with at last one of the girls. It moves our Carrie/Big plot along ever so slightly (with another “will they break up” challenge thrown in) to keep the stakes from dropping too much.

Moral of the episode: hold in your gas. 


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