Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: Take Me Out to The Ballgame

Season 2 of Sex and the City. Ready, set, go!

Carrie is looking like shit. Her fur coat has nicer texture and color than her own hair. She worries about running into her ex, which is why the girls come to abduct her from her apartment.

Charlotte mentions “the breakup rule”, some silly equation that Miranda debunks with her own quick recovery from a man who left her. On their way to wherever, they pick up Samantha who is canoodling with her tiny-noodled man. Still together, eh?

He actually calls her princess. Ick.

“Me, James, and his tiny penis. We’re one big happy family.”

And that’s how you know this season is off to a roaring start.

Later at a baseball game, Carrie is drinking and smoking, listening to Miranda ramble on about rookies and numbers while Samantha uses the last bite of her hotdog illustrate James’ shortcomings.


While pondering her own stats, Carrie catches a fly ball, which leads to their visit to the locker rooms for an autograph. Samantha can barely contain herself in the presence of athletic cups that can barely contain their contents when the decupped rookie emerges, flashes a winning smile, some wit, and before you know it Carrie snags the hot guy for a date.


Girl just turned an out of bounds ball into a hot rebound.

Oh, and Samantha peeks into the locker room to glimpse at long things she’s longingly been missing.

We are also treated to another interview montage featuring people sharing their thoughts on how to handle break ups, including a cantankerous woman serving food at the game. Okay, this one was funny.

While scrambling to get ready, Carrie stumbles onto and old picture taken with Big using an ancient device called a disposable camera. Should have disposed of that too, but moving onto the fashion party Carrie is attending with the hot Yankee, we also meet Charlotte’s man du jour, some slimy music biz guy who can’t stop scratching his crotch.


Classy. At least Carrie’s date made it to first base that night.

The next morning Carrie learns she’s in the paper with Yankee boy. The girls can’t help but gush about how that will really get back at her ex. Except Miranda, who wants to talk about her palm pilot, or anything except exes because she is in denial about her own. Or maybe she’s pissed about her crappy haircut. Regardless, she storms off petulantly because the girls want to talk about boys, and balls, and tiny penises.


Ironically, Miranda poses a question as to why they always talk about boyfriends. Because if they didn’t, the show would just be about sex which would make it porn, so don’t throw stones because your glass house is our television and we like hearing you gals bitch about boys.

In a valiant effort, Samantha attempts to make sex work with her miniscule-manhooded boyfriend. She tries everything she can to coach him and this results in one of the funniest sex scenes you will ever see. In an attempt to make do, she pulls out a toy of her own, only to arouse James’ jealousy, which isn’t small.

Charlotte also attempts to make her boyfriend more palatable, and gives him the gift of underwear in hopes that he will stop scratching too much. Seething with anger, almost itching from it, he misses the point that his puerile pant picking turns off Charlotte and he storms out like a whiny toddler.

Miranda, meanwhile, is attempting to cool off her temperament with a walk in the city. A big city. New York City. So why the hell are you wearing the ugliest back water overalls ever, Miranda? Come on. She realizes Carrie’s worst post-break up nightmare: running into your ex while looking like shit. She nearly dies.


Carrie has a close encounter of her own. Very close. While learning dugout games from the hot rookie, she sees Big. She, however, looks great and has perfect arm candy. But instead of feeling victorious, Carrie feels all her break up pain all over again. Turns out her fly ball rebound isn’t enough, and despite his cuteness, Joe the Yankee is not enough for Carrie and she isn’t ready to move on.

After this Carrie makes a mysterious phone call, which turns out to be Miranda. Having relived memories of a break up herself Miranda is now all about the sympathy, and is ready to be a shoulder to cry on instead of a cold shoulder. They bond over break up pain while snacking on fries.

With a great mix of humor, story, character, and drama, this episode marks a great start for the season. Only Charlotte’s story was on the weak side but it at least plugged in some appropriate laughs. My big question is why the character of Miranda is made to look like such crap?

There’s still a tinge of season one here, but only the good parts, and it was great to see the episode cover so much in so little time. It’s tight writing like this that packs such a great punch.


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