Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Freak Show

We begin this episode with first date troubles. Samantha discovers her date’s kinky closet, which was more than enough for her after he commented on her age. I also wonder if Right Said Fred’s music was playing in that closet or if it was the soundtrack.

Over dinner at a new restaurant Samantha shares the tale, eliciting Miranda’s response that men are freaks. Speaking of freaks, Charlotte meets Mr. Pussy, as the other girls know him. His freak power is his joy of going down on girls.

Carrie has a bad experience of her own with a heartless film maker. And an aggressive ass. And the wealthy pilferer. Which elicits the last break of the 4th wall in the series ever. Weep if you must.

Charlotte decides to try out Mr. Pussy. He definitely tries her out. She has so many “little deaths” with him that she’s probably a sex zombie by now.

After her bad dates, Carrie ruminates in the park and meets another man. They bond over freaks they’ve dated, and as if fearing the d-wordv will spawn a freak, they decide to go on a non-date.

Samantha meets a freak who’s not a man. It’s a woman who had her ass fat moved to her face, an ass face. Samantha, still smarting from her date questioning her age, decides to get some work done.

Carrie winds up having a decent non-date, and begins to think that this man may not be a freak like the others.

Later, after sharing her plans for ass transplanting with the girls, Charlotte expresses her hopes that she and Mr. Pussy may have a future together. Samantha lays down the law, since the gift of golden oral sex should be something all women have a chance to get from Mr. Pussy.

Carrie and nouveaux beau Ben set up and accompany Miranda on a blind date with Ben’s friend. Because that’s such a fun activity, I guess.   Carrie the shitty friend returns. The date goes poorly, to say the least, because the new guy is a freak. He hasn’t left the island of Manhattan in forever. Miranda warns Carrie that Ben may be a freak after all if his friends are.

Later as they make out, Carrie’s curiosity brings to climax before the two of them get close. He reveals a Tweety Bird tattoo. Aside from being really 90s retro, that’s his only freakyness, so they make love.

Charlotte attempts to make Mr. Pussy into a real boyfriend instead of a living sex toy, and mentions her summers at Camp Minnihaha or whatever. Mr. Pussy didn’t care and eats a fig like it is Charlotte’s minnihaha. And he’s out.

Samantha’s face/ass work is a success, but she is also freakishly curious about what future work would extend her youthful beauty. Sadly, the marks of the doctor’s marker make her look like a freak: a woman crazed with plastic surgery. She wrote at the doctor’s estimation of her beauty.

They next morning, Carrie ransacks Ben’s apartment convinced that he is secretly a freak. While trying to break open a secretive box, Ben returns and sees Carrie garbled in his shirt, cigarette hanging from her lip. Turns out there is a freak, but it’s not Ben. It’s curious Carrie. And that’s then end of that fling.

I liked the idea of this episode. When you date you do meet freaks. Sometimes we come of as freaks to our dates. I remember being out with someone who expressed interest in getting into a fight with someone. Seriously. But then there was that time I made moves during a movie so we all have our freaky moments.

This episode integrated all the girls nicely and kept the writing tight. The main characters all seemed to have more defined long term objectives in addition to their clear character “types”. It does have that one, but final, aside to the audience, and the intro about immigrants was a little cheesy, but overall the episode moves the show into the future with just a few nuances from the past.


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