Sex and the City Re-watch Recap : Four Women and a Funeral

Funeral time. Fashion funeral time. Carrie and Charlotte think that a simple black dress will be appropriate, but Samantha’s outfit by the deceased who was a designer turns out to be much more chic.

This is where we really see Samantha’s occupation come to play. Her eyes glitter with avarice at the PR opportunities. Charlotte has an opportunity of her own when her borrowed hat blows into a handsome widower. The girls are skeptical about replacing a man’s dead wife.

Miranda is busy with apartment buying. The successful lawyer shows her best bravado with her first of many “just me”s.

Which is what Carrie says when she calls Big. Wait. What? And she asks him to dinner. Sigh…

Samantha gets busy with her funeral opportunities, and also gets busy with one of her donors. She gets caught by his wife. Oops.

Girls are making some mistakes this episode.

Miranda is getting tired of saying “just me” and getting reminded of her single-ness. She expresses this over lunch, where Charlotte, of course, stars every woman needs a man. Ugh.

They all wind up leaving early because Samantha has been black listed for her married man groping.

Charlotte also gropes a married man, well a formerly married guy. Her date with cemetery guy culminates and consummates. Once again, the other girls are skeptical and warn Charlotte that he’s on the rebound.

Morbid Carrie is preoccupied with death since the funeral, which is why she discusses it with the remains of her dead relationship on her date with Mr. Big. She narrowly escapes sleeping with him.

Meanwhile, Samantha learns the extent of her social exile.

Miranda also learns that the former occupant of her new home died alone, which is almost what happens to her late that night when her Chinese food almost chokes her to death.

Nearly dead herself, socially, Samantha goes to the god mother of Manhattan society to fess up to her sexual escapades. While we knew Samantha got around, it’s kind of sad to see it come back and bite her worse than a recurring STD. No hospital can help that.

A hospital did wind up having to help Miranda recover from a panic attack. Her earlier bravado has melted into fear of being alone forever, except for her cat which should expect to feast well on her corpse.

Speaking of corpses, Charlotte is standing among them with the widower when she sees some other mourners coming to the grave sure. Female mourners. Turns out this creep had been using and abusing his wife’s death to drum up dates. 

Then one of the craziest and, frankly, stupidest things happens. Samantha is doing hard time, hard labor anyway, because her social life is in shambles, which is tragic for someone in public relations. That’s not the bad part. This is: Leonardo DiCaprio is also working at the site (not the actual actor though, just some sunlight-obscured nobody). Apparently, Samantha befriends him without sleeping with him and her social life comes back to life. Really?

Miranda makes a big deal over having to correct her mortgage application which incorrectly labeled her as separated. She overcomes her issues though, and proudly states she’s single.

Later, Big shows up at Carrie’s apartment because she’s been ignoring his calls. Because she’s crazy, she makes them go bowling because she wants to start up again with him again like a nun would and forgo the sex. But apparently paying with big balls is more of a turn on that she expected and they wind up sleeping together again. And starting up again.

I just have to say, this episode is really weak for how important it is. We get a major storyline, Big and Carrie, a new setting, Miranda’s apartment, but everything else is crap. Charlotte’s dates a widower, which falls in line with the series’ tradition of showcasing dating behavior, so that’s not too bad. But the whole storyline of Samantha being black listed for courting one too many married men, but then magically being saved is just a big time waster.

The writers obviously chickened out on making that a long term plot line for her, but that wouldn’t have been fun anyway because Samantha’s sexuality is a vital part of the show.

The theme around the girls’ reactions to a funeral is a good try, but it is just a weird way to reintroduce Big.

Weak episode. Weird episode. Too unlike the rest of the series, but only because of poor execution. Oh well, can’t change it. What does change is that the show’s quality goes up from here. You could say that this episode is like the funeral for all of the uneven elements that plagued the first season and haunted parts of the second. 


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