Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Cheating Curve

Big city lesbian art show opening at Charlotte’s gallery, our first setting.

Charlotte and Miranda brought their flings. Samantha and Carrie brought each other. The only guy there happens to be a trainer at Samantha’s gym, and she wants a session with him. Carrie ditches Samantha, of course.

Carrie has a session, a secret one, with Mr. Big.

Meanwhile back at the gallery, while selling art to successful lesbians, Charlotte starts to replenish the champagne to find her date making out with another girl in the backroom.

Now Charlotte is frustrated, and the girls discuss the vagaries of cheating. Samantha is of course more liberal on this topic, and Carrie is just trying to justify her secret affair with Big, since she’s basically cheating on her friends.

Samantha learns about cheating from her trainer, Thor, who gets her all worked up during her workout.

While listening to a sorry excuse from the cheating restaurateur, Charlotte stops him gladly to assist the power lesbians who came to pick up their art. She accepts an invitation for drinks with them, which turns into a girls’ night out for the ages.

On another night out, Miranda shuts up her date as he goes on and on about boring documentary stuff. Once they start getting busy, his disdain for narrative film is ironically contrasted by his desire to watch porn. Not being Miranda’s first time with a guy into porn, she’s not quite into it herself, but she plays along. She winds up having to play along every time they get together.

Carrie performs a miracle and attempts to prepare food for Big. Fondue. Yum. Our not. They decide to go out, which brings up the chance that they may get seen, and Carrie admits she hasn’t told her friends, and neither has Big. She spends the night contemplating this secrecy.

Her pensive walk home is interrupted by Miranda who is on her way to work and is shocked to see Carrie. Carrie lies about every thing to cover up her slumber party with Big. Another episode featuring shitty Carrie, apparently.

Samantha and Thor are taking a post workout shower after finally trying out the equipment in her bedroom. Their clean up shower leads to Thor branding her with his godly lightning bolt shaped pubic hair.

The girls are meeting at Carrie’s place. Samantha brags about her brand, Miranda admits to primary school lesbianism, while Charlotte brags about her lesbian friends. Oh, and Carrie is camping out in the bathroom because her diaphragm is stuck. Samantha comes to the rescue, you’d think Charlotte would be the one to help out another gal.

Of course, this leads to Carrie’s confession that she’s been messing around with Big. The girls are not happy.

Charlotte visits the hive of lesbians where their queen resides. The queen is interested to meet the young woman who’s been romping platonically with her friends. Despite Charlotte’s earnest interest in communing with the lesbian folk due to her fatigue with men, the queen bee is rather uninterested in a girl who won’t taste the honey, so there go Charlotte’s days as a lesbian groupie.

Samantha is taking some time in the stream room. You could mistake the clouds of steam for storm clouds because in addition to Samantha, there’s another woman with rather electric pubes and it’s a veritable lightning storm in there. Thor must get around.

On the other side of town, Miranda is finally fed up with synchronizing to his porn and leaves Ethan with his porn ladies because Miranda will never be one of them.

Finally taking their fling out on the town, Carrie and Big go dancing. Carrie realizes that they may run into the same problems all over again, but the fun that they have together is just too hard to resist.

And now we have Carrie officially back with Big, and all the other girls still on the market. It was a fun episode, light on the big laughs but the comical and awkward scenarios are great, and that’s really where the show stars to get better.

Yes, it is essentially a dramatic sitcom with porn, but this is the flow that leads to greater things, and starts to bring to life these characters from card board cutouts to living personalities. You eventually start to care about them during their misadventures, rather than looking forward to their trials like some kind odd car wreck.


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