Ninety 90’s Songs: Please Don’t Go… On and on and on.

Some things die. Well all things, really, but that’s a bit darker than I’d like to explore today. What I really mean is that time passes and leaves things in history. Sometimes those things are found and brought back. When it’s a treasure that’s found, we call it an archaeological discovery. When it’s trash, we call it recycling. When it’s someone that comes back from the dead, we call it a zombie. In music, there are plenty of zombies. In the music biz, it’s called a cover, and it’s not always a good thing.

#55 “Please Don’t Go” by Double You. Originally “Please Don’t Go” was a late Disco ballad by KC and the Sunshine Band, and a really decent song for the time. It was released in 1979 and wound up becoming the first number one hit of the 1980’s. Then disco died, and KC got stuck doing renditions of his disco hits for the rest of his life. Flash forward to 1992, when Italian duo Double You rediscovered this hit (or maybe it just took that long for the Italian music scene to get around to disco) and made it their own as a Eurodance track.

Like other Eurodance tracks, this one features repetitive, repetitive, repetitive beats and lyrics. It’s quite repetitive. If you listen you’ll notice the repetitive repetition. Repeatedly.  Several times and over and over again.

Obviously, this translates well to the dance floor when it doesn’t matter what the song is as long as you can continue convulsing to the bass line while trying pick up hook ups, but for casual listening this song can be… repetitive.  Okay, I’m done. But seriously, the song was originally a slower ballad, and you didn’t need as many lyrics to fill up a three-minute time slot. But when you speed up the rhythm, you’ll need an awful lot of “please don’t go”s because by the sixth time you sing it, people will be ready to go.

Still, the song did quite well and was just one single among many that featured Double You’s cover versions of songs. To this day, Double You still chugs along, releasing and re-releasing their own hits and this hits of others that they have likely rearranged in the creative way that only they can do (i.e. enough to sell records). I was surprised to find that there actually exists a video which features all the standard tropes of early 90’s dance music. Pretty girls who aren’t doing anything other than flipping around their hair and lithe limbs, frenetic camera work that could induce seizures, and of course the infamous transition to monotone colors and black and white film. Oh, you 90’s…

Sadly, the video features the extended version of the song. This is sad because it means there’s an awful lot of… repetition. Please don’t go and play it, unless you can handle it.


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