Sex and the City Re-watch Recap: The Caste System

It’s spring.

And Carrie is in love but she’s too neurotic to actually say it.


That is until Big gives her an ugly, bejeweled duck purse. Big actually thought of her when he saw it, so Carrie accidentally rewards him by saying she loves him.


While showing the girls her ugly duckling, she laments expressing her love, because Big didn’t return the emotion and she worries that she’s set up a deadline. And even as a writer, she doesn’t handle those well.
Miranda is a bit more optimistic, for once. But that’s because she is giddy and in love with Steve, who can barely afford to date her and her lawyer’s salary. But princess Miranda is happy with pauper Steve.

They may handle this divide when it comes to pizza, but when Steve needs to attend her white collar party, she decides that a gold corduroy suit is a bit too… not right.


Kind of like how she feels seeing said suit in Steve’s tiny apartment. While getting pedicures, the girls are forced to listen to Charlotte talk about how Steve is second class like the foreign women scrubbing their feet. Even Samantha is having experience with New York’s caste system. Her current man has an Asian servant.

That can’t be legal.

Carrie begins to feel a little uneasy realizing Big is a big upper class person, and without his reciprocated love, she’s merely a slave girl fling.

Charlotte may feel she obeys society’s rules, but even she can’t resist the chance to ride in a limo with an actor who literally can’t tell the difference between a fire extinguisher and art, a city sidewalk and a urinal, or between the names Charlene and Charlotte.

While Charlotte is having fun throwing her principles into Hollywood trash, Samantha experiments with the unprincipled concept of utilizing her man friend’s servant girl, who turns out to take no joy in serving another woman.

Steve experiences another man serving him on his knees. It’s a tailor. Miranda wants Steve to get a nice suit. She offers to pay, but the income difference isn’t as well tailored as the suit and rubs Steve the wrong way.

He scrapes up what money he can to pay for the suit instead of charging the debt to his ego account.

Carrie starts to see all the pieces fall into place with Big when he takes her to an upscale party full of women with similarly bejeweled purses. Carrie doesn’t fit in, but Big thinks a shitty purse will make a difference, which it does, but in a bad way. Carrie is banished to the porch so she can smoke and fume in peace.

Thinks heat up with the other girls, too, like the joint that Charlotte’s slimy actor friend lights up. Samantha tries to relate her tense morning with the servant girl, Sum, but she can’t quite get her point to add up with the master of the house.

Carrie runs into a hired waiter. His name is Jeremiah, who’s also an artist Carrie has known for years. He’s into tattoos, apparently, and shows Carrie his new one which creeps its way down his crotch. The mistress of the party catches them, who proceeds to tattle to Big.

Big and Carrie start to blow up over a perceived blow job, but that party was lame anyway.

Miranda’s party turns out to be pretty lame, too. Steve dumps her at her door because he’s insecure about not fitting in with her lifestyle. For once, Miranda isn’t being a big bitch, and we get to see how vulnerable she can be. Feeling punished for her success, she winds up closing the door on Steve, who was too afraid to step through it.

Charlotte finally gets the nerve to be bitchy instead of being an actor’s bitch. She leaves at his trashy proposition to go touch herself. Finally.

Pissed and drunk, which is redundant if you are in the UK, Carrie goes home with Jeremiah, but she’s likely not to remember much else.

Samantha, finally confronts Sum, who has her own designs for her master, which don’t include Samantha. She frames Samantha for attacking her in the most creative cock block ever.


The next morning, Big calls a hungover Carrie to say he loves her, because he isn’t dumb after all and realized that all their tension was due to his impending response to Carrie’s untimely expression and a stupid purse. Thankfully, nothing happened between Carrie and Jeremiah, except the peace of blackout drunkenness.


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