Do I Want To Go To The Mexican Aftershow Party?


Yes, I do. Especially if it’s anything like Kevin Drew describes it in the so named song, “Mexican Aftershow Party”.

This song came up on my Kylie Minogue station on Pandora, of all places. I was immediately drawn to the 80’s sounding synth, so I gave it a like. I found myself looking forward to Pandora playing it for me again and again.

There’s a mysterious quality to the song that makes me wonder if Mexican Aftershow Party is some kind of code word for a gathering of indie kids the same way a kiki is for gays. And I want in on it at least once, just to see if it takes place in a hookah den where they talk about anarchy and Apple products.

The semi-spoken lyrics lure me deeper into the mystery as the intensity of the song builds and I feel like I have started listening to the avant garde soundtrack to an 80’s sci-fi flick like Starman or something. Then, not only am I experiencing a song from 2014, I’m slightly regressing to my childhood.

I wish I could listen to the rest of Kevin Drew’s album “Darlings” on Spotify, but I keep compulsively repeating the track, which is what I do when a song infects me. See, earworms have the same effect on me that Khan’s parasites had on Chekov and Captain Terrell in Star Trek 2.


The song’s video, which sadly lacks the thousands of views it deserves, is hypnotic in its own way. It depicts Kevin, painted with gold or glitter or something, performing his song on stage. The sensual audio experience transcends to visual, and the audience in the video can’t help but look on in wonder or cry, speak in Spanish or feel up a young man’s hairy thigh which is tantalizingly exposed.

The song creeps up on me in the same way and I don’t want it to stop.


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