bug-eye sunglasses

Ninety 90’s Songs: Len-cest

I’m an only child who also happens to be (mostly) an introvert. I can interact quite well with people despite this condition, as long as those interactions remain within certain boundaries. There are a few things I can try to handle that come from the extroverted types, but some things cross the line. Excessive touching between strangers may be odd, but to me there’s a line that even family can cross.

#63 “Steal My Sunshine” by Len. ¬†Want to know what the late 90’s were like? This video pretty much sums it up. Bug-eye sunglasses. Tank tops (a.k.a wife beaters in tribal looter speak). MTV-like beach fun. “Steal My Sunshine” was a big hit during the summer of ’99, the last summer not only of the decade or the century, but of the millennium. Hence the decadence.

The song is cheery and the rhythm, featuring a sample from Andrea True Connection’s “More, More, More”, is monotonous without being grating so it blends in with your summer-partying-drinking haze. The song focuses on a flirty back-and-forth between the two singers and the¬†video slices and dices your perspective with retro-esque squared off cutaways and party-wide camera panning. Eventually all the crew gather around the flirty duo while the male lead rubs his underarm funk all over his friends.

What is most striking about the video isn’t learning that the romantic late afternoon/early evening footage was a product of most of the video budget being spent on their nightly alcoholic binges and subsequent morning hangover recoveries. It’s from learning that the leading couple are in fact related, but not by marriage. Yes, the Romeo and Juliet in this video are from the same family, not feuding ones. Perhaps we can chalk up their lax boundaries to late 90’s hedonism.

Regardless, Len managed to resurrect a disco hit to inflate their one hit wonder with a lot of life. It’s good to know we knew how to party like it was 1999 in 1999, even if we had to do it with our siblings.