Kylie Minogue

Katya Hammered and Sickled My Heart to Pieces


Since first viewing Rupaul’s Drag Race, I have become voraciously engaged with the show. It’s a sad truth that a reality television show has done this to me, but I have no qualms about this. Unlike other shows of this nature, Drag Race doesn’t exploit its subjects, and in fact it does a lot to elevate drag queens, who have long been the mascots and sometimes scapegoats of the gay community, to a more accepted status.

Every season brings an assortment of entertainers with various quirks, looks, and wit. While some are not easy to like, most grow on me one way or another, kind of like cancer. This season I am replete with Katya tumors and, oh my god, it’s stage four and it’s so, so, so sickening.

While her time on the show has, tragically, ended there is plenty in the future to look forward to from my favorite bisexual Russian hooker. While I longed to see Katya take the crown, or at least make the top three, a queen like her doesn’t need to win this show to make it out in the real world. Several queens from past seasons have become wildly popular without winning, and some winning queens have faded to relative obscurity (erm… Hello, Tyra?).

My main reason for wanting Katya to have made it farther is that she was my favorite part of every episode. Her personality, humor, and gloriously strange presentation gave me life the house down. Now that she has sashayed away, maybe I can start to recover, but I’d really rather not.

Cheers to Katya and her future. I’ll try to get by for the rest of the season without her. I really don’t care who wins anymore. At least I don’t have to watch her make the top three and *not* get crowned.

Here are some moments, of an infinite many, that trace the route my heart followed when it fell head over heels in love with this special queen. 


When she walked into the workroom the first time, I was singing “Love at First Sight” like Kylie Minogue.


This slow split was just everything. I. Was. Gagging.


Katya was so full of quips, quibbles, and quotes that she put Bianca Del Rio’s rolodex of hate to shame.


When she broke down and confided with Miss Fame about her addiction struggles, I broke down too.


Now serving: rebellious illegitimate daughter of Ayn Rand realness.


Really though… He’s an impishly cute little man.


Do I Want To Go To The Mexican Aftershow Party?


Yes, I do. Especially if it’s anything like Kevin Drew describes it in the so named song, “Mexican Aftershow Party”.

This song came up on my Kylie Minogue station on Pandora, of all places. I was immediately drawn to the 80’s sounding synth, so I gave it a like. I found myself looking forward to Pandora playing it for me again and again.

There’s a mysterious quality to the song that makes me wonder if Mexican Aftershow Party is some kind of code word for a gathering of indie kids the same way a kiki is for gays. And I want in on it at least once, just to see if it takes place in a hookah den where they talk about anarchy and Apple products.

The semi-spoken lyrics lure me deeper into the mystery as the intensity of the song builds and I feel like I have started listening to the avant garde soundtrack to an 80’s sci-fi flick like Starman or something. Then, not only am I experiencing a song from 2014, I’m slightly regressing to my childhood.

I wish I could listen to the rest of Kevin Drew’s album “Darlings” on Spotify, but I keep compulsively repeating the track, which is what I do when a song infects me. See, earworms have the same effect on me that Khan’s parasites had on Chekov and Captain Terrell in Star Trek 2.


The song’s video, which sadly lacks the thousands of views it deserves, is hypnotic in its own way. It depicts Kevin, painted with gold or glitter or something, performing his song on stage. The sensual audio experience transcends to visual, and the audience in the video can’t help but look on in wonder or cry, speak in Spanish or feel up a young man’s hairy thigh which is tantalizingly exposed.

The song creeps up on me in the same way and I don’t want it to stop.